Suites in Logan

169 East Center Street • Logan, UT 84321 • 435.752.34431.800.324.4152 • (view map)

Ruby SuitesWeeknight - $189.00 | Weekend - $209.00

Diamond SuitesWeeknight - $279.00 | Weekend - $299.00

Take a trip to paradise without actually leaving town. Step into the beautiful sun room where you can enjoy our complimentary cheesecake and chilled cider.

Hawaiian Paradise

Experience an enchanted night in the stunningly decorated rendition of the Arabian Nights.

Arabian Nights

Lose yourself in the fun of the fabulous 50's as you enter this retro suite. This two-room suite takes you back to the ponytails and bubblegum era of cold soda and bar stools.

Joanie's Diner

Enjoy the elegance and delicacy of the Imperial Palace Suite in two spacious rooms and large bathroom area.

Imperial Palace - photos in reservations

Go back in time to visit Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, here at our very own Juliet's Balcony. Open the door into a stunning courtyard with a corner tub and faux fountain.

Juliet's Balcony

Enter the mystical land of Egypt and cruise the Nile to arrive inside Nefertiti's Court.

Nefertiti's Court

This suite keeps the nostalgia of the American Drive-In alive.

Rich's Drive-In

Visit the middle of the South American Rainforest with old ruins and artifacts from an ancient civilization surrounded by the Amazon River and jungle.

Amazon Rainforest

While on your private African Safari, be sure to enjoy the luxury accommodations found in this suite.

African Safari

Take a trip down Route 66, get on your Harley and take the off ramp onto a bygone era. Don't forget to fill 'er up at the old gas pump.

Biker Roadhouse

As you enter The Tipi, listen close, for you may hear the sound of drums and ancient Native American songs upon the winds.

The Tipi

The romance that inspired the building of one of the eight wonders of the world comes to life as you enter the Taj Mahal, a monument built as a testament of love by a man for his wife.

Taj Mahal

Experience the exhilarating ambiance of Las Vegas as you gamble at the poker table.

Vegas Nights

South of the Border, there's no place quite like this. You'll find the ultimate Hacienda right inside the door starting with the stone, faux fountain in the luxurious courtyard.

La Hacienda

Step into Jesse Jame's Hideout where the wild west awaits in this back woods retreat.

Jesse James Hideout

Southern Comfort Suite - Everything comfortable about the South without the hurricances. Although you may create your own hurricance of love dancing and playing about this suite.

Southern Comfort