A “New Year’s Eve” Proposal

My husband is the sweetest man ever born. We had only been dating for a few months, but we were so in love. I had a son from a previous marriage and I was always concerned that my boyfriends wouldn’t ever understand. After all I had dated several guys who just weren’t ready for kids. He asked me to go to dinner with him on December 30th since on actual New Year’s Eve we would have my son and it wouldn’t be all dancing and romancing and kissing at midnight.


We went to the Olive Garden for dinner just the 2 of us. He kept leaving the table for some reason he hardly ate and every time he tried to talk the waiter interrupted him… He was so nervous and irritated and that just isn’t him at all. We finished our dinner and went out to the car. I mentioned to him teasingly that we should go to the mall and he could buy me something expensive. And when I turned around he was on one knee in the Olive Garden parking lot. He said to me that he had already bought me something expensive and wondered if I would be willing to wear it the rest of my life.  Of course I said yes because not only is he sweet and handsome and smart and funny. He loves my so as though he were his own. I later found out that he kept leaving the table so he could call my dad to figure out what to do because the restaurant was so busy and wasn’t working out. I mean how cute is that? We have been married for 8 years in June and went from 1 child to 4 in that time, and love each other more and more everyday. I still can’t drive past an Olive Garden parking lot without thinking about how lucky I am that such a wonderful man chose me…
That is our story so far and it gets better every year.

Thank you for sharing your engagement story with us Cindy and Jon! What  a great way to bring in the  new year.

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Anniversary at the Capitol

These winter months are making me stir crazy! Cabin fever is alive and well at our home, yet I can’t bring myself to brave the cold for any time span longer than it takes to get from my house to my car. Can you relate? The upside of all this cold is that being forced inside creates a romantic ambiance, a perfect setting for an anniversary. If your anniversary falls during these colder months, and you’re looking for a way to celebrate indoors, I have the perfect solution.

image via www.beehivereport.com

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Honeymooning at the Anniversary Inn

As indicated in our title, the Anniversary Inn usually attracts couples wanting to celebrate their anniversary. Well, this couple decided to venture outside the box and spend the first night of their honeymoon with us at the Anniversary Inn on 5th South in the Presidential Suite, a perfect choice for their first night together as husband and wife.


Personally, I can’t think of a better suite for honeymooners. The decor is cozy and classy, the jacuzzi tub is built comfortably for two, and the view…aw, the view! With your own personal balcony overlooking the Salt Lake City skyline, this suite cannot be beat. But, don’t take my word for it. Annie and Trent English had a ball. Here is Annie’s take on the experience: Continue reading

Have you ever heard of a “First Look” video?

Neither had I, until my sister married her sweetheart just a few weeks ago.

Wanting to stay in line with tradition, my sister’s fiance didn’t want to see her in her wedding dress until the day they were married. Then, they realized that the “First Look” moment – the moment in which a groom see’s his bride in her dress for the first time – was so precious and so fleeting, they wanted to capture it on film.

So…they did!

A few days before the wedding, my sister and her fiance drove to the Utah State Capitol building where Elsa Jensen (a dear friend) could capture their moment on film. Here it is.

Annie & Trent from Elsa Jensen on Vimeo.

I must say, it is a treasure. Their “First Look” moment is intimate and tender. I know they will watch it over and over again. I’ve watched it myself a dozen times now!

Have you ever considered creating a “First Look” video? If this kind of a keepsake is up your alley, contact Elsa Jensen, she did a magnificent job!

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Happy celebrating!