The Presidential Suite-It’s Good to be at the Top

All politics aside, there’s a certain romance to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The ultimate seat of power in the United States for over 200 years, every significant historical event in the country have had a link to the legendary home. Besides the president and their families, heads of state, politicians and even celebrities have all had turns staying in the White House.

Now it’s your turn.

No president ever had it this good.
No president ever had it this good.

Unlike other presidential suites in other hotels, the Anniversary Inn’s Presidential and Capitol suites are not made to just host the President of the United States, but are made to replicate the luxury and opulence of the White House itself, giving you the feeling of being the Commander and Chief.

The Anniversary Inn has a Presidential Suite in our 5th South and Logan locations. The 5th South location features a three-sided fireplace and a balcony with a fantastic view of the city, making you feel like the leader of the free world.

Room with a view? Great. Room with a secret passage? Perfect!
Room with a view? Great. Room with a secret passage? Perfect!

The Logan location has a marble jetted tub that’s fit for any president, as well as a beautiful fireplace to add to the elegance. Couple all this with the complimentary breakfast and cheesecake, and you’ll wonder if staying in the actual White House really would be any better.

A tub fit for a king-or President in this case
A tub fit for a king-or President in this case

Our South Temple location features a Capital Retreat, which while less presidential is still modeled after the Lincoln bedroom in the White House, so presidential enough. The room has the one thing every high powered person needs: a secret passage. Behind a bookshelf by the bed is a hidden door that leads to the bathroom, giving the feeling that you’re sneaking away from a frustrating press conference or avoiding a dastardly assassin.

Whichever room you stay in, you are guaranteed to feel like you are in the highest office in the land with all the perks that comes with the title, and absolutely none of the political dealings that come with the job.

New York New York Loft-Get a Taste of the Big Apple

Living in New York is a fantasy of most people. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Of course making it in New York is easier said than done, since rent is atrocious, the job market isn’t great, and major coastal cities are frequent hotspots for giant monsters like Godzilla to destroy.

So why not take the glamour and leave the expense?

Enjoy the view!
Enjoy the view!

The Anniversary Inn’s newly modeled New York New York Loft gives all the romance and beauty of living in the Big Apple without needing to move across country. Featuring several pieces of art depicting the legendary skyline create the illusion of staring out the window of your own private apartment overlooking the city. The unique structure of the suite puts the bed high above the rest of the room, giving the feeling of the amazing architecture featured in many high end lofts through New York City.

Enjoy the evening by watching some of your favorite New York based movies and TV shows on the big screen while lounging in bed, or plug in your favorite Broadway musical while soaking your cares away in the massive tub. Have your New York fantasy however you’ve seen it, from Jerry Seinfeld to Carey Bradshaw.

Fall asleep between the moon and New York City.
Fall asleep between the moon and New York City.

Don’t let the illusion stop with the suite. Just a few blocks away from the Anniversary Inn is the Pie Pizzaria, one of Utah’s best pizza spots. Weather going into the hole-in-the-wall restaurant or taking it to go back to your suite, no stay in the New York New York loft would be complete without a slice of amazing New York style pizza.

You want an authentic New York experience, don’t book a ticket to fly into JFK, book a room at the Anniversary Inn’s New York New York Loft, only at the Salt Lake City 5th South location!

View of the tub and loft- what better way to spend an evening?
View of the tub and loft- what better way to spend an evening?

The Lake Powell Suites: Your Dream Lake Vacation

0506171616cYou love Lake Powell, but admit it, when you think of the logistics of having a romantic weekend in the scenic Utah hotspot makes your head spin. Towing the boat, supplies, the drive and dealing with someone else’s party boat while you’re trying to enjoy the sights with your loved one can make your weekend into a nightmare.

So why not try the alternative?

The Anniversary Inn brings the Lake Powell experience to you, no boating license required. These beautiful suites features a red rock design that’ll have you thinking you’re in your own private spot in the legendary canyons. A massive freshwater tank means that even the wildlife won’t be left out of your Lake Powell escape (just try not to fish in it).

No need to worry about packing a cooler or hauling the boat, when everything you need for your Lake Powell trip is right here, including a full complimentary breakfast with the suite.

0506171615bEvery modern amenity you may miss at the real Lake Powell is available at the Anniversary Inn. Enjoy the rock walls while sitting in the large jetted tub. Watch your favorite show while sitting under the sparkling star ceiling (Logan location), or floating down the river (Salt Lake location) with a fresh cold drink from the suites’ minifridge. Before settling down for the evening, you can check on the babysitter or tweet a photo of your stay to drive your friends crazy with jealousy, all because the room gets better cell reception than anywhere in the real Lake Powell.

Spare yourself the headache of planning a boating weekend and take a relaxing weekend off at the Anniversary Inn’s Lake Powell suite, where you can get all the perks and none of the barnacles. This is a guaranteed weekend away you’ll remember, just you, the canyon, your love, and the stars above.

Lake Powell suites can be found in Logan and Salt Lake City’s Fifth South location.


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