Celebrate Wonder Woman With Some Romance

Wonder Woman hits theaters this weekend like a superhero into a wall. Why not celebrate with your favorite Amazon Warrior by taking her to one of these amazing Anniversary Inn suites named after some of histories greatest women? Nothing will melt her heart faster than dinner, the Wonder Woman movie, then taking her to Juliette’s Balcony to finish the evening in the lap of luxury.

Check out these wonderful suites named after other wonder women!

Aphrodite’s Court

Celebrate Wonder Woman’s Greek heritage the way it should be, in Aphrodite’s Court. Step onto the pedestal through the white canopy into the two person tub, built like the perfect shrine to love itself, then step out onto your personal patio and feel like a true daughter of Zeus.

Relax like a Goddess should
Relax like a Goddess should

Juliet’s Balcony

Be part of the ultimate love tragedy on Juliet’s Balcony. Romeo won’t resist the perfect view overlooking the marble lined tub, lit by the graceful chandeliers and sconces to recreate fair Verona where the Montigues and Capulet first feuded while the lovers held their secret romance.

Lucky Romeo
Lucky Romeo

Joanie’s Diner

If the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach then Joanie’s Diner has perfected the path. Relive the 50’s in this crazy restaurant themed suite. Turn on the Jukebox and dance the night away where the soda’s cool and the complimentary popcorn is hot, but not as hot as the groovy chick you bring with you.

The perfect dance floor
The perfect dance floor

Nefertiti’s Court

Enjoy wonders forgotten by the modern world in Nefertiti’s Court, one of the most extravagant suites you will ever stay in. You will feel like the ruler of the Nile as you lounge by the suite’s reflecting pool as you gaze at the detailed mural of ancient Egypt. The pharaoh doesn’t have to be left out since the tub is built for two. This is definitely the room built for you to rule.

It's good to be queen
It’s good to be queen

Aphrodite’s Court Suite is located in the Logan location.

Juliet’s Balcony Suite is located in the Logan Location. Romeo and Juliet suites are located in the 5th South and Boise Locations. Romeo’s Retreat is located in the 5th South and Boise locations.

Joanie’s Diner is located in the Logan location.

Nefertiti’s Court is located in the Logan Location.


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