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Thanks to the Anniversary Inn

We received this wonderful email the other day and with permission from the sender we just had to share it!

To Joddie Anderson and Staff!
My husband and I stayed at the Anniversary Inn in Logan for our Honeymoon from July 30th to August 2nd and we haven’t be able to stop thinking about our wonderful stay there. We found the Inn just from my husband doing a google search and when he sent me the link and I saw the rooms I instantly fell in love and knew it was the honeymoon for us!

Relax in the queen size-or empress size-bed
Relax in the queen size-or empress size-bed

Instantly when we arrived we felt very welcomed, excited, and practically at home. The entire staff was absolutely accommodating and we loved all the fun little accommodations such as the cheesecake, Martinelli’s, movies to watch for free, and delicious breakfast brought to our room! I especially can’t say enough how much we absolutely LOVED the rooms we stayed at, The Oriental Room, The Amazon Room, and the Taj Mahal. We were so grateful for the great deal that was given to us as well! Needless to say, it was an incredible time!

Taj Bed

We just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was staying at the Inn and felt you and your staff needed to know how great of a facility the Anniversary Inn really is and how you are bringing great joy to the lives of your patrons. Thank you so much for a wonderful Honeymoon and we can’t wait to return to celebrate our anniversaries in the years to come and to stay in more of the exciting rooms!
Caitie & Evan

We are so glad you had such a wonderful experience! Thank you for letting us share it with the world!

Bed and Breakfast vs Chain Hotel

You may wonder when you’re going on vacation if it’s really worth going to a bed and breakfast or smaller inn instead of a large hotel chain. While both have their strengths, here are a few things to consider when looking into your next place to stay.

(In case you were wondering, we like Bed and Breakfasts, especially The Anniversary Inn!)

Convenience vs. Planning Ahead

When you’re driving down the freeway at 3 A.M. and need a place to stay, it’s nice that most chain hotel lobbies are open 24/7 just in case that trip to the lake runs a little long. But if you’re planning ahead on your trip, booking a local B&B can add something special to your trip. Coming back to a beautiful suite with a great staff for the night after the family reunion can help recover from Aunt Suzanne’s heavy cologne much easier than your standard room. If you can plan ahead, look for something more than a chain to spend the night in.

The Personal Touch

Why stay in a basic room when you can be here?
Why stay in a basic room when you can be here?

Your average hotel room will have the standard bed, bathroom and ice bucket. It’s nice to have some predictability in life, but if you want something a little more exciting try a B&B on for size. Forget the standard post-modern art, forget the wall paneling, get a fun themed room if you can, something with personality lovingly crafted not to be the least aggressive, but by someone who wanted to make something beautiful.

Vacation Destination

Hotels are usually just the place to stay when you’re doing something else nearby. Usually a person won’t go somewhere just to stay in a large hotel chain, but they will for a good B&B. You find the right inn and the right person, and you won’t need to go anywhere else on your entire trip. Next time you need to go somewhere overnight, take a look at local inns and bed and breakfasts (Say The Anniversary Inn) and see if you can find a new adventure!

5 Ways Parents Can take the Night Off

Kids are back in school, which means homework starts back up, school activities come back, and the house is quickly turned into a transit point for both friends and family.

It’s hard to have a romantic night when you run Grand Central Station.

In the midst of all this, couples start to notice a separation from each other as the hassles of life pull them apart. So how do you keep the spark when the kids keep blowing it out?

5: The Game Getaway
Stuck at that softball/volleyball/swim meet/archery tournament with a kid on the team? Turn it into a date night as soon as the coach has got your little athlete. Between games or while your kid isn’t playing, sneak to the concessions for a shared hot dog and soda. Give yourself the time to have a laugh and pretend that you’re pulling something over on the kid.

4: The Weekly Grown Up Movie
Set one night each week when after the kids go to bed you and your partner can watch a movie together. Let the kids know that this is your time and not to be disturbed. Let them also know that the movies you’re watching won’t be that interesting to them, then make sure to watch something like a romantic comedy or drama, something most kids wouldn’t be interested in watching. Make that time for the two of you to enjoy each other’s company. If a whole movie is too much, watch part of it or an episode of a TV show.

3: The Speed Date
Dinner can be a chaotic mess, especially with several little ones in the house. Instead of trying to eat with them, help them eat first. When they’re done, send them off to play while you and your spouse sit down to a dinner with just the two of you. This’ll give you the chance for a quick breather and to catch up with each other’s day before the next activity with the kids.

4: The Sunday Drive
Sick of the kids destroying the house? Pile everyone into the car and go for a drive. You and your beloved can sit in the front seat and talk while the kids enjoy the ride behind you. Plus, it’s scientifically proven that when kids are in a car long enough they will fall asleep. It has something to do with nature providing parents a chance to have some peace and quiet.

Great place to run away to.
Great place to run away to.

5: Hire a babysitter and Run Away
If none of these are doing the trick to reconnect you to your loved one, remember it’s okay to hire a babysitter for a night or drop the kids off at a relatives and spend the night somewhere away, say The Anniversary Inn (shameless promotion). Giving yourselves the chance to get out of the house for an evening can be extremely helpful to the mental health of parents, which in turn make them better parents and the kids are happier in the long run.

What have you done to get some couples time?

The Oriental Garden Suite: Get a Taste of the East

For centuries the Orient has been a place of mystery and beauty to the west. A place of magic, meditation and giant monster movies. It can take a lot of money and effort to have the dream Asian getaway vacation, but you can get a taste of it at The Anniversary Inn’s Oriental Garden Suite

Relax in the queen size-or empress size-bed
Relax in the queen size-or empress size-bed

Styled in the traditional Japanese motif, the suite is everything anyone would want in their Oriental vacation. The rich reds of the bed and Japanese arch contrast perfectly with the gentle watercolor murals on the walls, making you feel like your in the Imperial Palace.

Sit in the large jetted tub for two with the trickle of the fountains around you, bringing you closer to inner peace as you let the outside world drift away. Round off the atmosphere with your favorite Asian themed movie, from the romance of “Memoirs of a Geisha” to a classic Godzilla movie. If you and your love can’t decide on the mood of the movie you want to watch, fear not: the suite features one TV for the tub and another for the bed so everyone can be happy, just remember that the “Joy Luck Club” doesn’t mix well with “Sailor Moon”.

Relax in your own personal onsen
Relax in your own personal onsen

Don’t leave the East in the suite, go to many of the local customer approved restaurants such as the Mandarin Garden , Takara Sushi and the Kabuki Stake and Sushi Bar , all in the Logan area. Give your evening a theme and have the beauty of Asian culture both inside and out.

Until you can do the Asian vacation of your dreams, take a night off and check out the Anniversary Inn in Logan’s Oriental Garden suite. Get a taste of the beautiful lands of legend and mystery on your romantic night out.

A Log Cabin and a Mountain Hideaway: Romance back in time

Having a log cabin deep in the woods, away from civilization, makes for a great getaway for those who have access to the Lincoln lifestyle. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have your own private cabin, or don’t happen to have crossed the plains on foot, the Anniversary Inn can help with its Log Cabin and Mountain Hideaway suites, located in the 5th South and South Temple locations!

Log Cabin Suite

Enjoy the world before distractions
Enjoy the world before distractions

Take a night and get away to the luxury of your own private cabin at the 5th South Anniversary Inn. Enjoy the exquisite wood paneled room, giving you the illusion of being in the woods without having to worry about raccoons. Get pictures next to the authentic cast-iron stove (But don’t cook on it-breakfast is provided!) and relax in the hand-made oak railed bed. You don’t have to go all the way back in time though, as the room also includes a flat screen TV and jetted tub. Take all the best parts of your own private log cabin and leave the best behind
Mountain Hideaway Suite

Get away from everything where they can never find you
Get away from everything where they can never find you

Just like the Log Cabin suite, the Mountain Hideaway gives the illusion that you’ve escaped the hassles of modern life and gone to the woods, while being right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. Let your worries drift away in the jetted tub while watching The Great Outdoors on the TV. Let the romance of a simpler time envelop you and your loved one in one of these classically and expertly styled rooms. Celebrate your Pioneer Day in the pioneer style, bonnets optional.