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New York New York Loft-Get a Taste of the Big Apple

Living in New York is a fantasy of most people. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Of course making it in New York is easier said than done, since rent is atrocious, the job market isn’t great, and major coastal cities are frequent hotspots for giant monsters like Godzilla to destroy.

So why not take the glamour and leave the expense?

Enjoy the view!
Enjoy the view!

The Anniversary Inn’s newly modeled New York New York Loft gives all the romance and beauty of living in the Big Apple without needing to move across country. Featuring several pieces of art depicting the legendary skyline create the illusion of staring out the window of your own private apartment overlooking the city. The unique structure of the suite puts the bed high above the rest of the room, giving the feeling of the amazing architecture featured in many high end lofts through New York City.

Enjoy the evening by watching some of your favorite New York based movies and TV shows on the big screen while lounging in bed, or plug in your favorite Broadway musical while soaking your cares away in the massive tub. Have your New York fantasy however you’ve seen it, from Jerry Seinfeld to Carey Bradshaw.

Fall asleep between the moon and New York City.
Fall asleep between the moon and New York City.

Don’t let the illusion stop with the suite. Just a few blocks away from the Anniversary Inn is the Pie Pizzaria, one of Utah’s best pizza spots. Weather going into the hole-in-the-wall restaurant or taking it to go back to your suite, no stay in the New York New York loft would be complete without a slice of amazing New York style pizza.

You want an authentic New York experience, don’t book a ticket to fly into JFK, book a room at the Anniversary Inn’s New York New York Loft, only at the Salt Lake City 5th South location!

View of the tub and loft- what better way to spend an evening?
View of the tub and loft- what better way to spend an evening?

Boise’s Two-Story Anniversary Suites

Planning an extensive anniversary celebration has its place. Sometimes that place is at the beginning of your marriage when energy trumps experience and “going out on a limb” seems exciting and not risky. Sometimes that place is well into a marriage when you need to spice things up by planning a surprise, out-of-the-norm celebration. Still, after a long week (or month … or year), a place to rest and relax away from kids, work, and obligations is novelty enough to make for the best solution for anniversary planning. Why settle for an average hotel room, when you can just as easily book a suite at the Anniversary Inn? Raise the stakes and reserve a two-story, diamond suite to make the night of relaxation feel extra special. The Anniversary Inn at Boise has a few to choose from, and – trust me – you won’t walk away disappointed.

The Romeo and Juliet Suite
This suite recalls the timeless, tragic tale of two star-crossed lovers – it even includes a balcony. A jacuzzi and sitting area for two sit on the bottom level while the king-sized bed is up the stairs. Between the deep red carpet and winding staircase, you are bound to feel extra special staying the night.

The Sleeping Beauty’s Castle Suite
For fairytale lovers, this suite cannot be beat. It features a drawbridge and moat the separate the main sitting area from the luxurious bathroom that includes a jacuzzi tub and waterfall shower. Climb the stairs and you’ll find a queen sized, round bed fit for royalty. The entire suite is bursting with enchantment.

The Treasure Island Suite
Ahoy! This entire suite is designed after a classic ship equipped with a plank and captain’s quarters. Wood paneling and deep blue painted walls will make you feel like you are actually aboard a romantic vesle. Soothe yourself in the jacuzzi tub and coconut shower or relax in the king sized bed located upstairs. Need some fresh air? This is one of the few suites with its own private balcony, so take advantage!

Like all suites, these featured rooms include big-screen televisions, complimentary cheesecake and apple cider, and breakfast in the morning. Call today! (1.800.324.4152) Or book online and plan your restful, relaxing anniversary. It’s nice to have something to look forward to, isn’t it?