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A Las Vegas Proposal

I had just moved out of my family home and in with Stephen when he and his mom and stepdad decided that we were going to take a trip to Las Vegas. I was excited to go see the city and go to the places that I had never got to truly see on previous family trips to the Sin City. When we got there I could tell that Stephen was very nervous and seemed stressed. I thought that it was just because we were with his family and were both trying to be on our best behavior.

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A “New Year’s Eve” Proposal

My husband is the sweetest man ever born. We had only been dating for a few months, but we were so in love. I had a son from a previous marriage and I was always concerned that my boyfriends wouldn’t ever understand. After all I had dated several guys who just weren’t ready for kids. He asked me to go to dinner with him on December 30th since on actual New Year’s Eve we would have my son and it wouldn’t be all dancing and romancing and kissing at midnight.


We went to the Olive Garden for dinner just the 2 of us. He kept leaving the table for some reason he hardly ate and every time he tried to talk the waiter interrupted him… He was so nervous and irritated and that just isn’t him at all. We finished our dinner and went out to the car. I mentioned to him teasingly that we should go to the mall and he could buy me something expensive. And when I turned around he was on one knee in the Olive Garden parking lot. He said to me that he had already bought me something expensive and wondered if I would be willing to wear it the rest of my life.  Of course I said yes because not only is he sweet and handsome and smart and funny. He loves my so as though he were his own. I later found out that he kept leaving the table so he could call my dad to figure out what to do because the restaurant was so busy and wasn’t working out. I mean how cute is that? We have been married for 8 years in June and went from 1 child to 4 in that time, and love each other more and more everyday. I still can’t drive past an Olive Garden parking lot without thinking about how lucky I am that such a wonderful man chose me…
That is our story so far and it gets better every year.

Thank you for sharing your engagement story with us Cindy and Jon! What  a great way to bring in the  new year.

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Fell in Love from a Distance – Proposed in Person

I met my fiancé, Zak while he was on leave in the Army.  We had been Skype dating for months, and quickly falling in love.  We had talked about marriage, but we both felt we needed to make it official in person.


The first of December I was running with Zak’s sister.  We ran up around the temple and I noticed a guy dressed in black sitting on a bench holding a dozen roses. He stood and walked towards me. I walked away thinking he was a “hobo.”  That’s when I heard Zak’s voice say: Continue reading

Announcing our Proposal Story Winner!

Congratulations to Tiffanie and Shawn Hadley – the winners of this quarter’s proposal story contest! Tiffanie and Shawn get to enjoy a night at any one of Anniversary Inn’s four locations on us! Thank you both for an exciting proposal story. Read about how Tiffanie’s jaunt in a corn maze brought her to a werewolf that stole her heart. It’s great! Their story here: A Haunted Engagement.

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Surprise Proposal at the Top of the Empire State Building


Surprise Proposal at the Top of the Empire State Building

This fabulous story was submitted to us from Amanda and Nate. They both recorded the proposal experience and, lucky for us, we get to hear both sides.

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He said…
I had been dating Amanda for only 6 months and I knew that she was the one for me.  I was 30 years old and in past relationships I always had reservations regarding marriage that stuck out in my mind.  With Amanda I never felt those reservations.  She is the total package.  I found myself in complete and utter amazement during our courtship.  She has a zest for life that I have never encountered.  Her smile lights up my day and makes me forget about all my troubles.   Amanda is always thinking about my well being and pushing me to meet my goals.  I knew that we would make a great team

After meeting with Amanda’s mother, Judy, to ask for Amanda’s hand, Nate began the planning process. Amanda was planning a trip to her favorite place in the work – New York City. What better place to propose?! In classic style, Nate chose to ask Amanda to marry him on the top of the Empire State Building. Continue reading