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The Lake Powell Suites: Your Dream Lake Vacation

0506171616cYou love Lake Powell, but admit it, when you think of the logistics of having a romantic weekend in the scenic Utah hotspot makes your head spin. Towing the boat, supplies, the drive and dealing with someone else’s party boat while you’re trying to enjoy the sights with your loved one can make your weekend into a nightmare.

So why not try the alternative?

The Anniversary Inn brings the Lake Powell experience to you, no boating license required. These beautiful suites features a red rock design that’ll have you thinking you’re in your own private spot in the legendary canyons. A massive freshwater tank means that even the wildlife won’t be left out of your Lake Powell escape (just try not to fish in it).

No need to worry about packing a cooler or hauling the boat, when everything you need for your Lake Powell trip is right here, including a full complimentary breakfast with the suite.

0506171615bEvery modern amenity you may miss at the real Lake Powell is available at the Anniversary Inn. Enjoy the rock walls while sitting in the large jetted tub. Watch your favorite show while sitting under the sparkling star ceiling (Logan location), or floating down the river (Salt Lake location) with a fresh cold drink from the suites’ minifridge. Before settling down for the evening, you can check on the babysitter or tweet a photo of your stay to drive your friends crazy with jealousy, all because the room gets better cell reception than anywhere in the real Lake Powell.

Spare yourself the headache of planning a boating weekend and take a relaxing weekend off at the Anniversary Inn’s Lake Powell suite, where you can get all the perks and none of the barnacles. This is a guaranteed weekend away you’ll remember, just you, the canyon, your love, and the stars above.

Lake Powell suites can be found in Logan and Salt Lake City’s Fifth South location.


Rafting Your Way through a Staycation

As the summer winds down, you may be looking for a way to end the season with an outdoor excursion. You don’t need to travel far to seek adventure — amazing sights and the opportunity to explore are right in the area. Combining a rafting trip on the Provo River with a stay in the Anniversary Inn’s Mississippi Serenade Suite will provide a staycation full of fun and excitement. Continue reading


A Staycation for the Adventurous

The great outdoors provides a wealth of fun and enjoyment, which is why so many vacationers choose destinations where they can spend time relishing nature at its finest. Fortunately, if you live in Boise you don’t have to go far at all to have an extraordinary getaway. Instead of leaving town, go hiking in the area and spend a weekend at one of the Anniversary Inn’s amazing themed suites.

If you’re a casual hiker or you plan to take a novice or children along on your staycation, one of the best hikes to take is the lower loop of Hulls Gulch Nature Trail. Situated in the foothills of Boise, this 7.2 mile scenic route is popular because of its breathtaking views. Along the way you’ll see canyons, running water in Hulls Gulch, and the beautiful valley. Hulls Gulch Lower Loop is frequented by thousands of bikers, joggers, and hikers each year, so it’s very well maintained and you won’t have to worry about encountering any unpaved terrain.


Another hike that you can take during your staycation is Table Rock, a well-traveled trail that is 2.5 miles long and suitable for hikers of all experience levels. Most people take about an hour to complete the hike, so this is a great option if you’re looking for a short excursion after taking a longer hike the previous day. Be sure to take a hat and some water along with you as there is little shade on the Table Rock hiking trail.

You’ll need a comfortable and cozy spot to rest up during your adventurous getaway. The perfect place to stay for the weekend is the Anniversary Inn’s Sun Valley Suite. Inside this room is an incredibly detailed facade that mimics a rustic log cabin, complete with a stone fireplace and a beautiful mural of the outdoors. Even the bathroom complements the suite’s theme with a rock wall and refreshing waterfall shower. The bath also has a spacious jetted spa tub where you can relax and unwind. The Sun Valley suite’s amenities include a queen size four-poster log bed, 40 inch television, and a Blu-Ray player. You’ll be invited to enjoy complimentary cheesecake and sparkling cider when you check in, and each morning a free full breakfast will be available to help start your day off right.

Adventure and a restful retreat are right in your backyard. The next time you start itching for a getaway, plan a staycation by hiking some of Boise’s trails and staying at the Anniversary Inn’s Sun Valley Suite.

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A Rockin’ Staycation in Boise

Planning a staycation in Boise means you have tons of entertainment options to choose from. Music lovers will find that the summertime provides ample opportunity to catch great live performances, especially at the Idaho Botanical Gardens. A weekend of outdoor concerts combined with a stay at the Anniversary Inn’s Biker Roadhouse suite will make an awesome staycation that you’ll talk about for years to come. Continue reading

Hiking Around Boise – the Ideal Summer Staycation

Summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy the great outdoors. In the west, we oftentimes take for granted the accessibility we have to beautiful trails that wander along peaceful streams or climb impressive mountains. Especially in Idaho, where the summer heat is less intense than other locations, locals should take the time to experience the natural beauty their state has to offer before the winter snow sets in and masks it all in white. Instead of booking an expensive flight or traveling to a foreign destination, look around! With a little collaboration between mother nature and the Anniversary Inn in Boise, this weekend could easily turn into an affordable, enjoyable staycation.

Hulls Gulch caption
There are dozens of hiking trails that surround Boise and most all are worth the time and effort. However, if you’re looking for the most “bang for your buck,” I would choose Hull’s Gulch. Why? Well, I have three reasons.

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 5.09.26 PM

Reason #1: Accessibility:
The Hull’s Gulch trail is located less than 10 minutes from downtown Boise within the Hulls Gulch/Camels Back reservoir. Just take 8th street north towards the foothills until the pavement ends. Park in the first parking lot on your right. More details on location here.

Hulls Gulch hulls_gulch_natl_rec.Par.33290.Image.375.251.1 Hulls Gulch lower_hulls_gulch

Reason #2: Versatility
There are numerous ways to enjoy the gulch, which makes this area an ideal place to spend a Saturday with your sweetheart (and kids if they’re lucky enough to come along). Whatever your hiking experience or time frame, the gulch has an option for you. Take a look at this map to see the various trails to choose from within the gulch trail system. If you want to spend just an hour or two, pick a loop that is shorter or hike in until you are ready to start heading back to the parking lot. For the full experience, pack a lunch and hike the entire 7 mile loop. Stunning views of the city and beautiful nature scenes can be seen all along the trail.

Hulls Gulch 56532_HullsGulch2_356x267

Reason #3: Safety
The Hulls Gulch Nature Trail is reserved for hikers (restricted from bikers and equestrians though they may use other parts of the gulch) and the climb is gentle which means it can be enjoyed by everyone! Still, be sure to bring enough water as there is little shade along the trail. See other reviews of the hike here.

After a long hike, reward yourself with a night of relaxation at the Anniversary Inn in Boise. To continue the nature theme, book the Enchanted Forest Suite. There, you will be surrounded by painted murals depicting a forested area that you may recognize from your day spent in the Boise foothills. Make no mistake, you will find no wildlife or dirt trails here. Only a comfortable queen bed, TV, and luxurious jetted tub for two. We’ll even throw in a bottle of sparkling cider and a delicious cheesecake – no trail maps required. After a weekend like this, you may never want to leave Boise again.



People flock from all over the country and world to enjoy the American west – and it’s right outside your door. So, get your hiking shoes on! This weather won’t last forever.