Bed and Breakfast vs Chain Hotel

You may wonder when you’re going on vacation if it’s really worth going to a bed and breakfast or smaller inn instead of a large hotel chain. While both have their strengths, here are a few things to consider when looking into your next place to stay.

(In case you were wondering, we like Bed and Breakfasts, especially The Anniversary Inn!)

Convenience vs. Planning Ahead

When you’re driving down the freeway at 3 A.M. and need a place to stay, it’s nice that most chain hotel lobbies are open 24/7 just in case that trip to the lake runs a little long. But if you’re planning ahead on your trip, booking a local B&B can add something special to your trip. Coming back to a beautiful suite with a great staff for the night after the family reunion can help recover from Aunt Suzanne’s heavy cologne much easier than your standard room. If you can plan ahead, look for something more than a chain to spend the night in.

The Personal Touch

Why stay in a basic room when you can be here?
Why stay in a basic room when you can be here?

Your average hotel room will have the standard bed, bathroom and ice bucket. It’s nice to have some predictability in life, but if you want something a little more exciting try a B&B on for size. Forget the standard post-modern art, forget the wall paneling, get a fun themed room if you can, something with personality lovingly crafted not to be the least aggressive, but by someone who wanted to make something beautiful.

Vacation Destination

Hotels are usually just the place to stay when you’re doing something else nearby. Usually a person won’t go somewhere just to stay in a large hotel chain, but they will for a good B&B. You find the right inn and the right person, and you won’t need to go anywhere else on your entire trip. Next time you need to go somewhere overnight, take a look at local inns and bed and breakfasts (Say The Anniversary Inn) and see if you can find a new adventure!


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