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Thanks to the Anniversary Inn

We received this wonderful email the other day and with permission from the sender we just had to share it!

To Joddie Anderson and Staff!
My husband and I stayed at the Anniversary Inn in Logan for our Honeymoon from July 30th to August 2nd and we haven’t be able to stop thinking about our wonderful stay there. We found the Inn just from my husband doing a google search and when he sent me the link and I saw the rooms I instantly fell in love and knew it was the honeymoon for us!

Relax in the queen size-or empress size-bed
Relax in the queen size-or empress size-bed

Instantly when we arrived we felt very welcomed, excited, and practically at home. The entire staff was absolutely accommodating and we loved all the fun little accommodations such as the cheesecake, Martinelli’s, movies to watch for free, and delicious breakfast brought to our room! I especially can’t say enough how much we absolutely LOVED the rooms we stayed at, The Oriental Room, The Amazon Room, and the Taj Mahal. We were so grateful for the great deal that was given to us as well! Needless to say, it was an incredible time!

Taj Bed

We just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was staying at the Inn and felt you and your staff needed to know how great of a facility the Anniversary Inn really is and how you are bringing great joy to the lives of your patrons. Thank you so much for a wonderful Honeymoon and we can’t wait to return to celebrate our anniversaries in the years to come and to stay in more of the exciting rooms!
Caitie & Evan

We are so glad you had such a wonderful experience! Thank you for letting us share it with the world!