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A Classic Friday Night Staycation in Logan

“It’s Friday night!” Who doesn’t love to hear this exclamation?! With the work week behind you and the weekend ahead, Friday may be the best day of the week. So, why not celebrate Friday night in classic style with a football game and a drive in? Take you and your sweetheart back in time to your old college days when you were the “big man on campus” and the world was your oyster. Fortunately, whether or not you were actually that “big man on campus”, Logan’s main feature – Utah State University – allows you to still enjoy all that university life has to offer.


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Announcing our Proposal Story Winner!

Congratulations to Tiffanie and Shawn Hadley – the winners of this quarter’s proposal story contest! Tiffanie and Shawn get to enjoy a night at any one of Anniversary Inn’s four locations on us! Thank you both for an exciting proposal story. Read about how Tiffanie’s jaunt in a corn maze brought her to a werewolf that stole her heart. It’s great! Their story here: A Haunted Engagement.

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Looking for a free night’s stay at the Anniversary Inn of your choice? Submit your proposal story, along with a few photos, to

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Surprise Proposal at the Top of the Empire State Building


Surprise Proposal at the Top of the Empire State Building

This fabulous story was submitted to us from Amanda and Nate. They both recorded the proposal experience and, lucky for us, we get to hear both sides.

proposal 2

He said…
I had been dating Amanda for only 6 months and I knew that she was the one for me.  I was 30 years old and in past relationships I always had reservations regarding marriage that stuck out in my mind.  With Amanda I never felt those reservations.  She is the total package.  I found myself in complete and utter amazement during our courtship.  She has a zest for life that I have never encountered.  Her smile lights up my day and makes me forget about all my troubles.   Amanda is always thinking about my well being and pushing me to meet my goals.  I knew that we would make a great team

After meeting with Amanda’s mother, Judy, to ask for Amanda’s hand, Nate began the planning process. Amanda was planning a trip to her favorite place in the work – New York City. What better place to propose?! In classic style, Nate chose to ask Amanda to marry him on the top of the Empire State Building. Continue reading

Boise’s Two-Story Anniversary Suites

Planning an extensive anniversary celebration has its place. Sometimes that place is at the beginning of your marriage when energy trumps experience and “going out on a limb” seems exciting and not risky. Sometimes that place is well into a marriage when you need to spice things up by planning a surprise, out-of-the-norm celebration. Still, after a long week (or month … or year), a place to rest and relax away from kids, work, and obligations is novelty enough to make for the best solution for anniversary planning. Why settle for an average hotel room, when you can just as easily book a suite at the Anniversary Inn? Raise the stakes and reserve a two-story, diamond suite to make the night of relaxation feel extra special. The Anniversary Inn at Boise has a few to choose from, and – trust me – you won’t walk away disappointed.

The Romeo and Juliet Suite
This suite recalls the timeless, tragic tale of two star-crossed lovers – it even includes a balcony. A jacuzzi and sitting area for two sit on the bottom level while the king-sized bed is up the stairs. Between the deep red carpet and winding staircase, you are bound to feel extra special staying the night.

The Sleeping Beauty’s Castle Suite
For fairytale lovers, this suite cannot be beat. It features a drawbridge and moat the separate the main sitting area from the luxurious bathroom that includes a jacuzzi tub and waterfall shower. Climb the stairs and you’ll find a queen sized, round bed fit for royalty. The entire suite is bursting with enchantment.

The Treasure Island Suite
Ahoy! This entire suite is designed after a classic ship equipped with a plank and captain’s quarters. Wood paneling and deep blue painted walls will make you feel like you are actually aboard a romantic vesle. Soothe yourself in the jacuzzi tub and coconut shower or relax in the king sized bed located upstairs. Need some fresh air? This is one of the few suites with its own private balcony, so take advantage!

Like all suites, these featured rooms include big-screen televisions, complimentary cheesecake and apple cider, and breakfast in the morning. Call today! (1.800.324.4152) Or book online and plan your restful, relaxing anniversary. It’s nice to have something to look forward to, isn’t it?