May Day! The Multiple-Attempt Proposal

My poor husband tried and tried to propose to me and it seemed that something went wrong or got in the way every time, but I didn’t realize that was what he was trying to do at the time.
For instance, we drove to the park one day and had a picnic and enjoyed the peace and quiet while feeding the ducks near the water – perfect setting, right?  I didn’t know he had plans to propose and as we were talking we ended up in a disagreement and upset and that ended that idea.
Another time –  On Easter I woke to find my yard covered in plastic Easter eggs, candies, and stuffed bunnies, as he had snuck over to my house before I woke up.  Inside each egg were notes expressing his love and wanting to spend his life with me. However, I was dense and didn’t get it that he was proposing and it kind of flopped.  He had hoped to put the engagement ring in one of the eggs, but that didn’t work out either.
PS 988312_597566210263292_1655252380_nThen on May Day we got ice cream cones and went for a drive.  It would have been my brothers birthday that day so we took some flowers out to the local cemetery to place on his grave.  And right there in the most romantic place in town, he told me how much he loved me, that he wanted to spend forever with me, and asked me to marry him.  That was 12 years ago and I am so glad I said “Yes”!   We then went to the graves of his parents and told them of our engagement.  We headed back to town and visited with my parents and told them.  Ron placed my Grandma Brown’s engagement ring on my finger and my dad took this picture.  When we married, he placed my Grandma Johnson’s wedding ring on my finger.   Every May Day each year we buy ice cream cones and take a drive to the cemetery.
PS 10330282_794285670591344_2576106631997529677_n

Thank you for sharing your engagement story with us Leisa and Ron! When I read your story, I couldn’t help but think, “Three times the charm!” Congratulations on 12 wonderful years of marriage! We are thrilled to share your story here.

If you are interested in having your proposal story published here on the Anniversary Inn Blog, just email a brief summary of the events and a few photos to Those who submit their stories are automatically entered into our contest to win a free night at one of the four Anniversary Inn locations (Boise, Logan, 5th South, SLC, and South Temple, SLC). We look forward to hearing from you!


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