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Make it a Rio Grande-Style Staycation!

The concept of “staycation” is simple. Take your sweetheart on a vacation without ever leaving home. How is this accomplished? All you have to do is open your eyes and revisit your city as if you were a tourist and then treat your weekend as if you were on vacation. No obligations, no deadlines, just time to spend enjoying your surroundings.

Rio Grande Cafe Staycation

What would a staycation be without delicious food? With an up-and-coming “foodie” culture, Salt Lake City does not disappoint. There are few restaurants as classic to Salt Lake as the Rio Grande Cafe. Located in the heart of downtown, this restaurant is a true staple. Even the vintage, fluorescent sign has become part of Salt Lake, incorporating itself into the city’s skyline. The Rio Grande Cafe is located in what used to be home to the Denver Rio Grande and Western Railroad – it is one of Salt Lake’s finest buildings. When the building was converted into offices, gallery space, and the Rio Grande Cafe, efforts were made to preserve its integrity and historic value. Consequently, stepping into the restaurant feels like a step back in time. Railroad station-style benches along with tables and chairs surround a central bar that could very well be from the early 20th century. Don’t forget to take a visit to the bathrooms! You’ll be surprised at the effort made to preserve the integrity of the building.

All this combines for a visual experience you will enjoy before the hostess has a chance to greet you. Once seated, you’ll be treated to complimentary (and endless) chips and homemade salsa. The menu is classic Mexican food at its finest: tamales, tacos, enchiladas, chile rellenos, margaritas – you name it, they have it. And you won’t go home hungry. All entrees are served with a generous serving of refried beans, rice, lettuce, and tomatoes. Don’t worry, you’ll be happy to have leftovers. I personally recommend the restaurant’s Carnitas dish. Savory, diced pork served with tomatillo sauce and sauteed onions, sided with tortillas, rice, beans, and a chef’s garnish. It’s a delicious take on a Mexican classic.

Rio Grande Room Anniversary Inn

After a delicious meal, your “Rio Grande” style weekend doesn’t have to end. Book a room at the Anniversary Inn located on 5th South and 10th east, just minutes away from the Rio Grande Restaurant. True to it’s Salt Lake roots, the Inn has a Rio Grande room that would be a perfect place to spend the rest of your themed evening. The room is styled after an old fashioned train car equipped with every luxury you could desire: comfortable bed, jetted jacuzzi tub, and a vintage train cart booth – a perfect place to enjoy leftovers. The walls are decorated with old western landscapes that will make you and your sweetheart feel like you are stepping back in time.

So make it a Rio Grande-style weekend and book your room at Anniversary Inn today! A weekend at home will never feel so luxurious.

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