Our Honeymoon Adventure

(This entry is a finalist in our Good, Bad, and Funny honeymoon story contest.  There are 16 stories, please vote for our winner by adding a comment to your favorite.)

Our Honeymoon Adventure began the day after we got married. It was after 5:00 pm before we left St. George Utah on our way to Arizona to spend a week enjoying the sun and each other.  The road we were on was almost deserted; as we drove we enjoyed the beauty and desolation of the sagebrush and mountains around us.  Suddenly, the car drifted off the road and as my husband jerked the wheel to get us back on the road, the car overcorrected and we were rolling over and over!  The car came to rest on its side and our brand new silver Chevy Aveo was totaled!  It was way, way, WAY, scary, but we were completely fine, not even a scratch, well… except for a “seatbelt burn” but I’ll explain that later.

After assessing the situation, and making sure we were both ok, we crawled out of our crumpled and broken car and stood hand in hand staring at it. After a few minutes of utter silence, we started to laugh hysterically! It may have been newlywed bliss, but I’m willing to bet it was really shock!

Soon a car stopped and offered to notify the Highway Patrol.  Because we were in the middle of nowhere and without a cell phone signal, it took a while to get the Highway Patrol and a tow truck out to us. We settled down on the side of the road to wait for help to arrive, which ended up taking several hours.  Thank goodness the cooler survived, so we had a little picnic consisting of leftover wedding food.  We played solitaire on the laptop, took pictures of our wrecked car, waved at the few motorists who drove by with stunned and curious looks on their faces, and tried to figure out how to tell our parents what had happened without scaring them to death with a phone call in the wee hours of the morning.

When the police arrived they were really worried about our safety. They said they see many accidents along that road because it is very narrow without a shoulder.  One of the police officers said to me “I see you have a seatbelt burn”.  I was confused for a moment then realized he had mistaken the hickey my husband had planted on my neck the night before as a seatbelt burn.  Embarrassed and blushing, I explained that it was really just a hickey, adding on “we just got married yesterday.”

Finally, the tow truck arrived.  We stopped at the first pay phone and called our parents, who were just thankful we weren’t injured.  We arranged for my husband’s dad and brother to pick us up in the next town where the tow truck driver took us. We spent our second night as a married couple in our wrecked car on top of a tow truck bed in a junk yard!

My Father-in-law picked us up early the next morning.  Luckily our car insurance, whose coverage took effect the day we got married, hooked us up with a rental car and we took off again on our honeymoon trip, this time taking a different route to Arizona!  We found it pretty ironic that we spent at least an hour cleaning hardened frosting, saran wrap, cans, string, and strawberries off our car, just to total it the next day!  I happily report that the rest of our honeymoon was wonderful…and SAFE!


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