Brief History of the current Anniversary Inn owners

In 2005, when Rich and Joan Bennion purchased the Anniversary Inn brand, the four different properties were not all owned by the same investment group. Logan and Boise were owned and operated by one group, and an entirely different group owned the Salt Lake locations. They shared the same brand name, but they were operated completely different.

The initial challenge was to get all four locations running more efficiently and uniformly. This included small things like requiring our staff to wear standardized uniforms, to more complex processes like modifying how we cleaned the rooms each day. Our housekeeping staff went through some rigorous training to get everybody on the same page to ensure our rooms are kept clean and inviting.

We also took a look at some of the themes and determined that we needed to “update” some of them or at least give some of them a facelift. As we looked at some of the rooms that we wanted to update, we also set as a goal to “raise the bar” each time we added a new room so that we could make an even bigger impression for our guests when they check into one of our Suites. Our theory is: “If the customer doesn’t say “Wow” as they walk into one of our suites, we didn’t do it right.” Joan took the lead on designing the rooms and ensuring that the tiniest details were addressed.

For those who have been following our progress, you will remember that our first major overhaul was to totally redo the lobby and common-area carpeting in both our Salt Lake locations. We then went to work on some of the suites. Little by little we have been updating and enhancing many of the different suites across all four locations.

The first major addition to our family of themed suites was in Logan. We took an old office and converted it into the Arabian Nights suite. From day one this has been a very popular room.

We then determined that Logan needed more rooms and so we purchased two adjoining buildings and began planning how we were going to introduce 12 new suites to our Anniversary Inn family.

This past fall we finally completed the project and, for those of you who have been following, I think it’s safe to say that we have really “raised the bar” with the level of detail and extravagance that we put into these new rooms.

If you’ve not checked them out, go to:

If you can get to Logan, it is definitely worth the trip!

The new themes are:

Juliet’s Balcony
Joanie’s Diner
Hawaiian Paradise
African Safari
Rich’s Drive-in
Biker Roadhouse
Taj Mahal
Vegas Nights
Blue Bayou
La Hacienda
Nefertiti’s Court
The Tipi

I’d be curious to hear some of your comments on how we did with the Logan expansion.

Does anybody have any feedback on which rooms are your favorite and why?


6 thoughts on “Brief History of the current Anniversary Inn owners”

  1. we stayed in the Taj Mahul for our anniversary in Feb. and it was fabulous. While we were there we also toured all the new rooms and they are amazing and we can’t wait to go back and try either the Vegas Nights or Biker’s Roadhouse. I love the Logan site, the new rooms are great!

  2. We stayed in Rich’s Drive Inn and Nefertiti’s Court. Both the rooms were so fun. And the beds are soooo comfortable. I think you have done a wonderful job on all the rooms. We love the Anniversary Inn! :)

  3. We just stayed in our 10th room at Logan.
    We got spoiled right away with your Arabian Night room as soon as it was finished. We then enjoyed the opening of the next three rooms when we stayed in Joanie’s Diner. I watched your website faithfully waiting for your next major addition. We have already stayed in Vegas Nights, The Tipi, and most recently, the Biker’s Roadhouse. We have thoroughly enjoyed all of the rooms we have stayed in, but you are right, you have gone over the top with these new rooms. Each one is unique in it’s own way and I would never be able to choose a favorite. All we know is that we want to try them ALL! Your imagination and attention to detail is incredible! Thanks so much for providing us with such awesome memories.

  4. We loved Vegas Nights and we are looking forward to stay in all the new ones. We’ve also stayed at the Imperial Palace and we also loved it.

  5. Loved the Blue Bayou room. I think you are now calling it Foreverglades. I agree with a previous comment that the beds are really comfortable. I really enjoyed the Logan Anniversary Inn and wish we could stay there more often.

  6. the rooms are amazing, the themes have their own distinct flavor and style. some of my favorites include Rich’s Drive-In (it gives a wonderful vibe of memories and vintage style feeling), King Arthur’s Castle, La Hacienda, Lake Powell Suite and the Lost In Space. while writing my favorites just then i had to stop because i kept remembering all the great ones i saw on the open house in Logan. i can’t wait to stay at one, hopefully next month for my 4 year anniversary!

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