Rescue Rides for the Vets-Enjoy the Biker Life

Do you like motorcycles? Do you want to help out Veterans? Do you want a taste of the motorcycle life but can’t pay for your own Harley Davidson?

Have we got a weekend for you.

Boise Rescue Mission Ministries will be holding their annual Rescue Ride for the Vets this weekend. If you live in or around the Boise area, all you need to do is meet at Quinns Restaurant (1005 S Vista) with $20 to participate in the ride.

Biker Roadhouse Suite

The ride is what’s known in the biker circles as a poker run, where the bikers go from stop to stop and collect playing cards. The person at the end of the ride with the best hand wins prizes. For those not riding raffles and a silent auction will also be available. All participants will be given a discount to The Anniversary Inn’s suites, just as an added benefit to join the ride. It’s a great way to add extra fun to a motorcycle ride as well as earn money for those who have served our country and now find themselves on hard times.

Remember nobody likes a pool shark
Remember nobody likes a pool shark

If you can’t make it out this weekend but still want a taste of the biker lifestyle, try one of the Anniversary Inn’s Biker Roadhouse suites located at the Boise location as well as the Logan and 5th South locations. Get pictures with the real motorcycle in each room and make your friends think you spent the weekend at Sturgis. Challenge your partner to a game of pool in the Logan and Boise suites, just remember that cheating isn’t welcome in this roadhouse. Each room is painted to look like a stretch of the legendary Route 66, so sit back in a bathtub built for two and enjoy the view.

All bikers need their leather
All bikers need their leather

So take a weekend, help some vets, or take a weekend and live the biker life in the lap of luxury. The choice is yours.


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