See The Mummy then Enjoy the Egyptian Life

Since the Pyramids of Giza were dug back out of the sand Egypt has been a land of mystery and romance. The gentle Nile flowing through the desert as the palms sway in the breeze and over the din you hear the unmistakable sound of people screaming as a mummy chases them through a pyramid…

Universal Studios, the masters of monsters is opening their latest film The Mummy this weekend starring Tom Cruse, and what better way to cap off a date night featuring the cursed royalty than staying in one of the Anniversary Inn’s Egypt themed suites. This way you too can know what it’s like to be the Pharaoh, without the need for a sarcophagus.

Mysteries of Egypt

The Mysteries of Egypt suite (Pyramids of Egypt in Logan) at the 5th South, South Temple and Boise locations gives you all the benefits of pyramid life without having to wear bandages. The suite’s unique architecture gives the illusion of being inside one of the world famous tombs just after its construction, with Egyptian art carved directly into the walls. Statuary straight from Cleopatra’s collection give the room the unique feeling that your being guarded throughout your stay. All the modern conveniences are of course included with the suite including a jetted tub and television.

Mysteries of Egypt-6

Nefertiti’s Court

This suite was talked about last week when we talked about Wonder Woman and being treated like a goddess, but just for a refresher, the Nefertiti’s Court suite is the closest you’ll come to feeling like Nefertiti herself in this life. Found at the Logan location, Nefertiti’s court is the only Egyptian themed suite with an actual reflecting pool in the room. You can spend the evening cooling off from the Utah heat playing at the water while your love fans you with a palm just like Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. Aside from the pool the suite is a massive palace you can roam around and imagine yourself as the absolute ruler of the ancient world, or just sit back in the jetted tub and watch the original Mummy movies on the big screen TV.

Reflecting pond


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