A Log Cabin and a Mountain Hideaway: Romance back in time

Having a log cabin deep in the woods, away from civilization, makes for a great getaway for those who have access to the Lincoln lifestyle. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have your own private cabin, or don’t happen to have crossed the plains on foot, the Anniversary Inn can help with its Log Cabin and Mountain Hideaway suites, located in the 5th South and South Temple locations!

Log Cabin Suite

Enjoy the world before distractions
Enjoy the world before distractions

Take a night and get away to the luxury of your own private cabin at the 5th South Anniversary Inn. Enjoy the exquisite wood paneled room, giving you the illusion of being in the woods without having to worry about raccoons. Get pictures next to the authentic cast-iron stove (But don’t cook on it-breakfast is provided!) and relax in the hand-made oak railed bed. You don’t have to go all the way back in time though, as the room also includes a flat screen TV and jetted tub. Take all the best parts of your own private log cabin and leave the best behind
Mountain Hideaway Suite

Get away from everything where they can never find you
Get away from everything where they can never find you

Just like the Log Cabin suite, the Mountain Hideaway gives the illusion that you’ve escaped the hassles of modern life and gone to the woods, while being right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. Let your worries drift away in the jetted tub while watching The Great Outdoors on the TV. Let the romance of a simpler time envelop you and your loved one in one of these classically and expertly styled rooms. Celebrate your Pioneer Day in the pioneer style, bonnets optional.

Logan’s Christmas in July-Don’t miss the fun!

Isn’t it time to have some Christmas cheer?

Don’t panic, nobody’s going to break into a chorus of “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”, but you may want to sing if you stop by the Logan Anniversary Inn on July 12. Come join us at the Christmas in July celebration! See the inn, donate to a good cause.

The whole family is invited to join the Christmas in July presentation. Grab some free hot dogs and soda, chips, snow cones and cotton candy as you tour the uniquely decorated rooms the Logan Anniversary Inn has to offer. First timers can pick out the rooms they will want to stay in while return customers can find where to stay for their next trip out. Get you and the young ones faces painted and get a picture in the Nefertiti’s Court suite as actual mummies.

Find us at 169 East Center Street • Logan, UT
Find us at 169 East Center Street • Logan, UT

See a room you like? Enter for a chance to win a free stay at the Anniversary Inn through the drawings being held throughout the night (Must be 18 to enter, sorry!). Even if you don’t win, if you book a night at the event itself you’ll get $10 off your stay, just enough to add an extra spice of romance in the form of a romantic film or a little dessert to the evening.

Not only are you getting a chance to get the kids out of the house and get to see some amazing suites, but you’ll be doing it for a good cause too. Bring a donation of children’s snacks, sunscreen,disposable changing pads, Hand Soap, older children’s games (age8+) and sticky notes for The Family Place, an organization that helps protect families in Cache and Rich counties. The organization strives to help bring families closer together through fun activities like the Anniversary Inn’s Christmas in July, as well as provide counselling and services for children in crisis.

The Anniversary Inn in Logan is located
169 East Center Street • Logan, UT.

Christmas in July starts at 6 P.M.

Phantom of the Opera- Make it a Night to Remember

Few things are more romantic than the Andrew Lloyd Webber creation Phantom of The Opera. The story of Christine and the ill-fated opera house is coming to Salt Lake City’s Eccles theater through the month of July, so imagine finishing the evening in a Phantom of the Opera themed suite?

Step back into the lovingly re-imagined French atmosphere as you and your beloved imagine the moment when the mysterious Phantom takes Christine into his inexplicably well-lit catacombs and reveals that he has been her angel of music while she has been his inspiration. The real romance of the scene comes form the mix of beauty and mystery from this scene, all of which has been replicated at the Anniversary Inn.

Phantom of the Opera suite at South Temple
Phantom of the Opera suite at South Temple

Of course, in reality, dank catacombs would not be that romantic. The rats alone would probably spoil the mood no matter how good the acoustics are. The Phantom of the Opera suites come with every modern amenity you need to enjoy your evening. Plug in the Phantom of the Opera DVD while you relax in the jetted tub for two, warmed by the fact that you don’t have to clean up a drop of candle wax after your stay.

For a fully French experience, stop by Gourmandise bakery (250 300 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84111) after the show for the best French pastries in town. Eat them there or take them back to your Phantom of the Opera suite to enjoy as a late-night snack.

Phantom of the Opera suite at 5th South
Phantom of the Opera suite at 5th South

Make your night at the theater a real night to remember with the Phantom of the Opera suite, located at both the 5th South and South Temple Anniversary Inn locations. Make the music of the night your inspiration for the romance of a lifetime.

Rescue Rides for the Vets-Enjoy the Biker Life

Do you like motorcycles? Do you want to help out Veterans? Do you want a taste of the motorcycle life but can’t pay for your own Harley Davidson?

Have we got a weekend for you.

Boise Rescue Mission Ministries will be holding their annual Rescue Ride for the Vets this weekend. If you live in or around the Boise area, all you need to do is meet at Quinns Restaurant (1005 S Vista) with $20 to participate in the ride.

Biker Roadhouse Suite

The ride is what’s known in the biker circles as a poker run, where the bikers go from stop to stop and collect playing cards. The person at the end of the ride with the best hand wins prizes. For those not riding raffles and a silent auction will also be available. All participants will be given a discount to The Anniversary Inn’s suites, just as an added benefit to join the ride. It’s a great way to add extra fun to a motorcycle ride as well as earn money for those who have served our country and now find themselves on hard times.

Remember nobody likes a pool shark
Remember nobody likes a pool shark

If you can’t make it out this weekend but still want a taste of the biker lifestyle, try one of the Anniversary Inn’s Biker Roadhouse suites located at the Boise location as well as the Logan and 5th South locations. Get pictures with the real motorcycle in each room and make your friends think you spent the weekend at Sturgis. Challenge your partner to a game of pool in the Logan and Boise suites, just remember that cheating isn’t welcome in this roadhouse. Each room is painted to look like a stretch of the legendary Route 66, so sit back in a bathtub built for two and enjoy the view.

All bikers need their leather
All bikers need their leather

So take a weekend, help some vets, or take a weekend and live the biker life in the lap of luxury. The choice is yours.

See The Mummy then Enjoy the Egyptian Life

Since the Pyramids of Giza were dug back out of the sand Egypt has been a land of mystery and romance. The gentle Nile flowing through the desert as the palms sway in the breeze and over the din you hear the unmistakable sound of people screaming as a mummy chases them through a pyramid…

Universal Studios, the masters of monsters is opening their latest film The Mummy this weekend starring Tom Cruse, and what better way to cap off a date night featuring the cursed royalty than staying in one of the Anniversary Inn’s Egypt themed suites. This way you too can know what it’s like to be the Pharaoh, without the need for a sarcophagus.

Mysteries of Egypt

The Mysteries of Egypt suite (Pyramids of Egypt in Logan) at the 5th South, South Temple and Boise locations gives you all the benefits of pyramid life without having to wear bandages. The suite’s unique architecture gives the illusion of being inside one of the world famous tombs just after its construction, with Egyptian art carved directly into the walls. Statuary straight from Cleopatra’s collection give the room the unique feeling that your being guarded throughout your stay. All the modern conveniences are of course included with the suite including a jetted tub and television.

Mysteries of Egypt-6

Nefertiti’s Court

This suite was talked about last week when we talked about Wonder Woman and being treated like a goddess, but just for a refresher, the Nefertiti’s Court suite is the closest you’ll come to feeling like Nefertiti herself in this life. Found at the Logan location, Nefertiti’s court is the only Egyptian themed suite with an actual reflecting pool in the room. You can spend the evening cooling off from the Utah heat playing at the water while your love fans you with a palm just like Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. Aside from the pool the suite is a massive palace you can roam around and imagine yourself as the absolute ruler of the ancient world, or just sit back in the jetted tub and watch the original Mummy movies on the big screen TV.

Reflecting pond

Celebrate Wonder Woman With Some Romance

Wonder Woman hits theaters this weekend like a superhero into a wall. Why not celebrate with your favorite Amazon Warrior by taking her to one of these amazing Anniversary Inn suites named after some of histories greatest women? Nothing will melt her heart faster than dinner, the Wonder Woman movie, then taking her to Juliette’s Balcony to finish the evening in the lap of luxury.

Check out these wonderful suites named after other wonder women!

Aphrodite’s Court

Celebrate Wonder Woman’s Greek heritage the way it should be, in Aphrodite’s Court. Step onto the pedestal through the white canopy into the two person tub, built like the perfect shrine to love itself, then step out onto your personal patio and feel like a true daughter of Zeus.

Relax like a Goddess should
Relax like a Goddess should

Juliet’s Balcony

Be part of the ultimate love tragedy on Juliet’s Balcony. Romeo won’t resist the perfect view overlooking the marble lined tub, lit by the graceful chandeliers and sconces to recreate fair Verona where the Montigues and Capulet first feuded while the lovers held their secret romance.

Lucky Romeo
Lucky Romeo

Joanie’s Diner

If the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach then Joanie’s Diner has perfected the path. Relive the 50’s in this crazy restaurant themed suite. Turn on the Jukebox and dance the night away where the soda’s cool and the complimentary popcorn is hot, but not as hot as the groovy chick you bring with you.

The perfect dance floor
The perfect dance floor

Nefertiti’s Court

Enjoy wonders forgotten by the modern world in Nefertiti’s Court, one of the most extravagant suites you will ever stay in. You will feel like the ruler of the Nile as you lounge by the suite’s reflecting pool as you gaze at the detailed mural of ancient Egypt. The pharaoh doesn’t have to be left out since the tub is built for two. This is definitely the room built for you to rule.

It's good to be queen
It’s good to be queen

Aphrodite’s Court Suite is located in the Logan location.

Juliet’s Balcony Suite is located in the Logan Location. Romeo and Juliet suites are located in the 5th South and Boise Locations. Romeo’s Retreat is located in the 5th South and Boise locations.

Joanie’s Diner is located in the Logan location.

Nefertiti’s Court is located in the Logan Location.